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1976------Born in Buan, S. Korea------Youngest Daughter in Family 

1988------Wanted to be a Math Teacher

1991------Read Shakespeare Plays------Forget about becoming a math teacher... Decided to study Theatre 

1994------Studied Theatre and Film at KyungSung University------Trained as an Actress

1996------First Directed Japanese play at school 

1997------Produced and Acted with best friend, MinJung Song------Professional Actress at Busan, S. Korea 

1998------Designed Lights, Props and Costume at School

       ------Got Hired as a Technical Director at Yeno Theatre, Kyung Sung University

       ------Designed more than 100 events------Start Falling Love in Lights 

1999------Visited Japan with Trust Dance Company------First international work

2000------Decided to Study at USA in Lighting Design

2001------Moved to IL and Started to Learn Lighting Design at University of IL at Urbana-Champaign

        ------Met a wonderful advisor, Kathy Perkins who gave me the reason to stay in USA

        ------Met amazing peers in theatre world 

2004------Started teaching at University of Toledo

       ------Met more amazing artists

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