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DOBAMA Theatre Company (

Dobama Theatre, Cleveland, OH


Directed by Sarah Wansley 

Set Designer: Tesia Dugan Benson

Sound Designer: Megan Culley

Costume Designer: Tesia Dugan Benson

"Lighting designer Jakyung C. Seo shines as she uses illumination as a weapon for good." - The Mark of Excellence!

"Using tight choreography, smart lighting and the like, she drives our attention to the eye of the storm." -

"The energy on stage is close to sensory overload, further amplified by strobe lights, music and smoke. The saving grace is that there is a control to the chaos, thanks in large part to the wonderful sound and light design by Megan Culley and Jakyung Cho Seo, respectively. The constant kinetic movement within the third act is a feast for the eyes, shifting focus throughout the entire theater." -

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